Saturday, June 15, 2013

Gadgets that can be easily folded are something which sci-fi writers usually wish about for countless years. However, we’re confident that we’ve not actually heard about someone thinking up that could transform shapes to show incoming calls as well as a notification. Although, a new development of radical paper-thin gadgets could certainly make this impossible vision occur a reality soon. Designed by Canadian experts from Queen’s University working in British company Plastic Logic which is a leader in plastic electronics, the elastic electrophoretic display is called MorePhone and also has embedded alloy wires that pull and deform on the screen to enable it to show notifications by curling up. 

The Smartphone is paper thin with a thin plastic display together with 'smart memory' wiring that curl up a single corner of the gadget or up to three corners to indicate incoming calls to notifications. Users can even modify curling styles in order that the curling up in a particular corner signifies various notifications. Users can also modify the display to display curls bending down and up whenever an important message is received. 

Industry experts point out that elastic display technologies and Smartphones based upon thin film can give significantly new methods of interacting which is very different from what our typical gadgets offer today. In the mean time, Smartphones put in silent mode is able to only vibrate or provide a low volume beep to signify a new call. 

In spite of this, occasionally the user misses these types of signals and results in missing important calls. But, a visual notification just likes a phone that changes its shape whenever it receives a call in silent mode might help significantly decrease the chances of individuals not getting important notifications. Experts say that the technology continues to be enhanced significantly and can be released on the market as soon as within the following years.


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