Monday, July 15, 2013

The Solar Bottle Bulb, as it has been named in the Philippines. This Solar Bottle is exactly placed in the roof of homes with the function of refracting sunlight with the intention to light a room. The project’s development lies in the usage of inexpensive, durable as well as easily available materials to create valuable natural lighting making it possible for the people of urban areas to gain access to an economical, eco-friendly long lasting alternative to electric powered light for usage in the daytime. 

Most of the plastic bottles used are recycled, 1.5 liter bottles which bring the technology its name. After getting filled with water and bleach, the bottle is pressed through a steel sheet that serves as a lock to stop falling. It is then simply inserted into a corrugated metal roof. A portion of the bottle is remained outside while the rest of it emerges into the house. A sealant is placed around the hole made in the roof to keep it weather proof. The refractive properties of water to ensure that the light from the sun reaches the inside of the bottle which becomes the light traveled is same as the electric light bulb as well as emitting the same amount of light as a 40-60 watts incandescent bulb depending upon the volume of solar isolation obtainable . Putting bleach to the water stops it from turning green with algae and ensures a high quality light keeping the water clear for a longer time. 

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