Monday, July 22, 2013

Created by an Australian industrial designer Jaron Dickson, ‘EkranoYacht’ is a remake of the Russian made flying vessel ‘EkranoYacht’. It is actually a hydrogen-powered wing-in a ground effect boat which is able of traveling 4m above the sea level as well as runs at roughly 400kph in complete trip. Furthermore, it could actually undertake waves of as high as 3 .5 m. These great features make the EkranoYacht an excellent flying machine; but, when necessary, the vessel can be used as a normal yacht as well. 

EkranoYacht utilizes a hydrogen fuel cell as its major source of energy; it will supply power to the jets as well as electricity for the passengers. But, when traveling via sensitive coastal areas, the vessel can only use an electric drive motor. EkranoYacht is specifically made for the year 2025, the vessel is supposed to be used as a permanent residence. Inside, it can easily accommodate 6 persons and features an open floor plan with large windows for natural sunlight. 

“The project focuses on more efficient sea travel and protecting the environment. To truly show your wealth and success is freedom, and the ultimate freedom is bringing you home where ever you go.” Jaron stated. 


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