Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The Aerofex hover bike continues to be in development for certain, however test-flight videos have shown up revealing it working over a dry lake bed in a desert. The Aerofex makes use of two ducted fans instead of wheels. The rider's leaning controls the direction of the bike. Certainly one of the project's objectives would be to produce a natural-feeling driving experience, similar to getting yourself on a motorbike. 

Today, the Aerofex is generally a proof of concept. It's not quite prepared zipping through woods, but it's as near as we will have to an actual speeder bike.

InnovationNewsDaily reports that even though the hover bike is capable of doing higher altitudes and speeds , test flights to date have been tied to 30 mph ( 48 km/h ) and 15 feet ( 4 .6 meters ) for safety factors . Aerofex has launched several videos on its YouTube channel

The Aerofex bike carries a set of ducted rotors. The company has resolved stability issues in the design utilizing a mechanical system with two control bars found at the rider’s knee level. Those control bars enable the bike to react to the pilots leaning motions as well as natural sense of balance. 

The control of the Aerofex bike is managed mechanically without electronics or artificial intelligence flight software needed. That will actually help make the bike more robust, cheaper to buy as well as safer to operate.


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