Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Taiwan’s Polytron Technologies is a subsidiary of US firm Polytronix. Polytron wants to transform the method we see and deal with glass which is among mankind’s most well-known inventions. Polytron creates huge projection touch screens, selectively opaque glass, holographic glass, LED-impregnated glass, color-changing glass, rainbow glass, as well as glowing glass. Today, they’ve put their views on transparent glass Smartphone's.

Polytron targets to finalize their Smartphone by the end of 2013 , moreover at least one breathless blogger believes it’ll become a competitor of Apple’s iPhone , comparing by the prototype Polytron provides more work ahead of them . However the phone’s transparency, its main appeal, is an issue they’ve already solved. The firm’s flagship product, Polyvision Privacy Glass, is an electrically switchable, selectively opaque or simply transparent pane of glass.

How it works?
Each Polyvision Privacy pane is a sandwich of glass, conductive material, and liquid crystal film. In its own natural state, the central crystalline structure is randomly oriented, scattering incoming light to make the surface opaque. But when an electric current is introduced, the liquid crystals line up and become transparent, transmitting light from one side to the other. 

Polytron additionally creates a huge transparent touchscreen monitor known as the Polytouch Frame. Probably both of these technologies combine in their transparent Smartphone.

Generally speaking, it’s awesome to see transparent Smartphone’s get shape. Yet the technology behind them isn't new. Samsung, for instance, continues to be tested with transparent screens for several years.
Via: singularityhub.com


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