Tuesday, August 13, 2013

This innovative thermo-electric pot recycles waste heat and generates on-demand power for your electronic device; it can charge any USB handheld device, using heat. It is durably designed for outdoor adventures. It will work over any heat source, including open flame.

The PowerPot is a thermo-electric generator, so it converts any heat source directly into a power that charges your USB handheld device. Add water to the PowerPot and place it over a heat source. Plug in your device (don't worry, the cord is flame-resistant!) And it'll charge just as fast as it does from a standard outlet. Heat the pot over a stove, campfire, wood stove, propane/butane heat source, home range, or even a hot spring! 

The PowerPot is waterproof, flame-resistant, and extremely portable weighing in at just 12 ounces! Unlike solar panels, it works anytime even in bad weather, at night, and indoors! It's more than just an iPhone charger the PowerPot can charge any Smartphone, GPS navigation, GoPros, digital cameras, lights, headlamps, radios, water purifiers, etc. Wake up to a hot cup o' joe and some extra juice to your electronic devices, all provided by the PowerPot.
Via: thepowerpot.com


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