Monday, June 10, 2013

The ADR Studio is famous to play with Apple gadgets and also for creating concept gadgets a lot more close better part of our lifestyle. In 2010, ADR Studios presented the idea of iWatch, a lot of people attempted to provide a material form to their design by mounting a 6th Generation iPod Nano on a wrist band. 

In those days, individuals thought the way they created such an awesome use of the iPod in a manner that individuals not knew about. On the other hand, the original iWatch concept was never taken by Apple but somehow ADR Studio kept working on it and then today after two years they are returned and even prepared to begin working a lot more perfect as well as stylish iWatch 2 concept. 

Proposed iWatch 2 Features:
  • Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • RSS Reader
  • 32GB Memory
  • Front Face Camera
  • Weather Forcast System
  • Sync with iPhone, iPod and a LCD Projector
  • Concept iWatch 2 Accessories:
  • A slim black slide to open box
  • Alluminium chasis
  • Polycarbonate main body
  • PK2 Kevlar insert
  • Bracelet in 5 colors
Keep in mind, iWatch 2 is simply a concept for the moment, for this to take a real form companies like Apple would need to seize real steps. Up to now everyone has been thinking with this concept that either it is essential or maybe an accessory. In spite of this, various people have different viewpoint regarding it but we definitely see a new beginning.


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